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Flasks – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Flasks area lot of fun: whether they’re helping you to smuggle your favorite adult beverage into a ball game, adorning your living room bar cart, or functioning as a low volume water bottle alternative. And since flasks serve such a simple purpose manufacturers produce them in a wide range of different styles, which leaves us with a great selection.

Join us, as we delve into the world of flasks, and hopefully you’ll come away with something more than a hangover.

1) Jacob Bromwell: Great American Flask


Jacob Bromwell’s Great American Flask is one of the more unique flasks on the market. It’s constructed to the same specifications as one might expect in the early 1800s:  copper body, tin joints, and a cork stopper. Each flask comes with an attached ring to allow you to attach a chain or lanyard of your choice, or to secure the cork so that you don’t lose it. Keep in mind that each flask is handmade, so the product will come with small imperfections that only make each piece more unique.

Available for $280 from Pickings & Parry.

2) Misc. Goods Co.: Ceramic Flask


The vast majority of flasks are made of metal, but there exists a smaller, tradition of ceramic flasks that is excellently highlighted by Misc. Goods Co.’s Ceramic Flask. This flask is made in the USA from quarter-inch ceramic using slip casting, which results in a beautifully smooth exterior. It holds a solid 11oz. of fluid, which can be securely kept inside via the supplied cord, and brass/leather closure.

Available for $90 from Glasswing.

3) Filson: Trusty Flask


Filson’s Trusty Flask is a very classically shaped flask, but comes wrapped in Wickett and Craige bridle leather to give it more visual appeal. The stainless steel used to construct the body of the flask is coated in black PVD for a stealthier appearance. Unlike some of the other flasks on this list, this model features a screw top that is secured to the top. Although I do like the aesthetics of the cork stopper, it’s hard to deny that the closure method used by Filson is far more functional for frequent use.

Available for $85 from Filson.

4) Stanley: Classic Flask


Stanley is most well known for its vacuum sealed water bottles and thermoses, but their Classic Flask, although not vacuum insulated, follows the same aesthetic lines. This flask is constructed from 18/8 stainless steel, and this particular model features Stanley’s famous Hammertone Green colorway. Like Filson’s flask above, this model also features a screw-top that is helpfully secured to the top with a hinge, which means you can keep this flask in your pockets or bag without fearing any leaks.

Available for $25 from Stanley.

5) Vargo: Titanium Funnel Flask


The vast majority of metal flasks are constructed from stainless steel, and although there’s nothing wrong with that I do appreciate alternative materials. And apparently Vargo shares similar sentiments, as their Funnel Flask is constructed lightweight (yet strong) titanium. This flask features a titanium, fold-up funnel to facilitate easier filling, and a detachable titanium screw top.

Available for $75 from Gallantry.

Plus One – Foundwell: 1877 Chawner & Co Sterling Silver Hip Flask


Despite a few of the selections on this list, flasks are generally fairly inexpensive: great as gifts, mementos, or decorative pieces. That said, Foundwell’s 1877 Chawn & Co Sterling Silver Hip Flask is not cheap. And while it would certainly make a great gift, the vast majority of us won’t be giving or receiving this piece anytime soon. It’s constructed from sterling silver in a beautiful, upward-standing ellipse shape, with a chain attached screw closure. This piece is made in England and polished to a new mirror shine by a company that has been producing some of the best silver pieces since 1877, so you can be sure the quality is superlative.

Available for $1125 from Mr. Porter.

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