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Unique Bottle Openers – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

There’s little better than a cold drink on a hot day, and it only tastes better when  you get to crack open the bottle in style. While there are a ton of great, cheap bottle openers out there sometimes it’s nice to have the best of the best. Below you’ll find a selection of some of the most unique bottle openers on the market: built for style and function.

Also, if you want to know more about the history of caps and openers, have a look at our history of bottle openers.

1) Forged Bottle Opener

Unique-Bottle-Openers---Five-Plus-One 1) Forged Bottle Opener

There is something great about the feel of solid iron. I’m not sure if it’s the weight, texture, or some combination of the two, but accessories made of our iron just feel better than many of their counterparts. This Forged Bottle Opener is constructed out of solid iron with a curved, split handle that features a hammered texture to give this piece oven more of a hand-made feel.

Available for $7 from Glasswing.

2) Poglia: Horn & Bone Bottle Opener


While Poglia is primarily known for their knives, Canoe Club has gotten their hands on a few of their Horn & Bone Bottle Openers, and they look fantastic. With a handle made from, you guessed it, horn and bone, this highly polished bottle opener features brass for the actual bottle-opening function; and it all looks great together. While it’s certainly one of the more expensive bottle openers out there it’s just as much a conversation piece as it is a tool.

Available for $185 from Canoe Club.

3) Futagami: Brass Bottle Opener


The Japanese brand Futagami has practiced metalworking for well over a hundred years, and the results of their long history show in the Brass Bottle Opener. Because it’s made of brass, this piece will get a beautiful patina over time, which, at least in the mind of this writer, will look fantastic with the simplicity of the design.

Available for $58 from Rikuom.

4) Tender: Oil Hardened Steel Elephant Bottle OpenerUnique-Bottle-Openers---Five-Plus-One-4)-Tender-Oil-Hardened-Steel-Elephant-Bottle-Opener

It should come as no surprise that Tender found their way onto this list. While mostly known for their garments, their metalwork pieces and other accessories are equally well conceived. This time around we’re looking at their Oil Hardened Steel Elephant Bottle Opener, which is cut from a single piece of steel before getting a wide range of high end finishing techniques. While other shapes are available, the Tender Elephant is a classic of the brand.

Available for £63 from Trestle Shop.

5) Fort Standard: Crown 1 Bottle Opener


Fort Standard’s Crown 1 Bottle Opener is a great combination of both unique and classic styles. While the overall shape of this piece is like many other bottle openers, the trapezoidal angles on this opener certainly set it apart from and give it a modern-ish aesthetic. Like all brass this one too will develop a patina overtime, so if you’re looking for something that will always remain the same this one probably isn’t for you. That said, those who appreciate seeing items evolve over time will certainly want to give piece some serious consideration.

Available for $85 from Totokaelo.

Plus One – Asprey: Duck Oxidised Sterling Silver Bottle Opener


Honestly, just about every piece on this list would count as a Plus One bottle opener ordinarily, but this is a list of unique bottles openers so something extra special was needed. Enter the Asprey Duck Oxidized Sterling Silver Bottle Opener. Constructed in the shape of a duck’s head out of oxidized sterling silver and gold gilding, this piece is truly a work of art. With its highly polished base and intricate feather detailing, there is a lot to love about this piece. And that’s a good thing, because you’re going to have spend a ridiculous amount of money to get your hands on one.

Available for $1,000 from Mr. Porter.

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