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Battenwear Gets Out of the Woods and Onto the Rugby Field

Chances are, you don’t play rugby. On the off chance that you do partake in this organized roughhousing, you’re probably not reaching for Battenwear‘s Pocket Rugby Shirts to toss around a leather ostrich egg (that’s what they’re called, right?).

But if you just dig the rugby-style shirt, maybe with a bit more everyday practicality, you’d be hardpressed to do better. Neither made of wool, nor super-performance fabric, these classically-styled rugby shirts are made from a 12oz. 100% cotton jersey fabric in the USA. They feature twill tape at the collar and placket as well as reinforcement stitching at the armpits in case you find that a neighborhood match has absorbed you. For anything you want to keep close to your chest—a list of your darkest fears, perhaps—Battenwear’s kept you in mind and added a chest pocket.

The shirts come in a variety of solid colors, or, if you’re feeling emboldened to pretend you’re a part of the Gryffindor house, bold stripes.

Available for $185 at Battenwear.