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Nanamica’s Poly/Nylon Jackets Cruise into Fall

Nanamica’s Cruiser Jacket design is so good that it could be from the future. The parka-style piece of outerwear is a dynamite instant grail item for enthusiasts of the brand, or you know, someone who needs a reliable rain jacket.

There’s plenty of function on this jacket to speak of. Lots of pocket room! Two asymmetrical chest pockets, two hand pockets, an inner pocket, and a really spiffy left-wrist pocket on a bias. If you’re into it, the non-pocket details include drawstring adjustable hood, buttoned cuffs, and a slightly curved hem. The jacket comes in a regular fit constructed from a 90% poly 10% nylon material that’s perfect for everyday use against the elements. Can Nanamica do no wrong?

Available for $535 at Oi Polloi.