Viberg and Division Road Get Worked Up with Their Latest Collab

Deadass, Viberg is making Timberlands.

Well, they’re not strictly Timbs. They’re Viberg’s latest exclusive collaboration with Division Road. The folks at Viberg took an original 1980s work boot pattern, added some 1960s hiking boot inspiration, and ended up with the gorgeous Ivy Street New Hunter boots you see here.

The boots are made from the Charcoal Chamois nubuck leather made by Horween, a heavily oiled leather that requires minimal care and break-in but gets a gorgeously nuanced patina over time. Unlike the New York staple it emulates, this boot is Goodyear welted with channeled insoles. A padded collar rounds out the Timberland motif and rawhide laces and a commando sole are the icing on this murdered-out cake.

Available for $745 for at Division Road.