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Fade of the Day – Naked & Famous Dry Broken Twill 11 oz. (9 Months, 1 Wash, 6 Soaks)

It’s time for our Fade Of The Day, and today we’re examining a nice pair of Naked & Famous Dry Broken Twill 11 oz. jeans, sent in by Bret Denker of the USA.

Bret has worn his trusty pair while doing maintenance work and he’s done so much of that hard maintenance work over the last 9 months that he’s needed plenty of repairs. He’s made repairs to a few punctures in the front as well as re-stitched the back yoke. The pair has lost a decent amount of indigo at the thigh and seat, which shows you don’t need to go with the super-heavyweight denim to wind up with a unique pair of jeans that reflects what you put into ’em. Good stuff!

You can follow Bret on Instagram.