Blue Blue Japan Patches Together Their Latest Pant With Boro and String

I don’t think we value drawstrings enough, as a society. Like, on a macro level it’s definitely not our biggest issue and we appreciate them when we have them, but drawstrings aren’t a marquee feature and they should 100% be a marquee feature. So, for these Patchwork Flannel Pants from Blue Blue Japan, that’s what’s happening.

Sure, it would be easy to gas up the archived, indigo-dyed flannel fabrics they used to build this Deep Blue Flex, and it seems wrong to leave out the wild construction methods that were employed throughout, but think of this like a movie where a character actor finally gets top billing, and that character is Drawstring.

Why? Because belts are no fun in the heat. Or on the couch. Or pretty much anywhere they don’t need to be. Because you can buy a drawstring-outfitted anything as big as you want to buy it. Because built-in functionality is always dope, but built-in functionality that’s also hidden and not tacky AF is pretty much Feature Nirvana.

Otherwise, they’re made in Japan, the entire range of assorted fabrics are a lightweight, 100% cotton flannel and they feature two slant pockets at the front, patch pockets at the back, a zipper fly and a relaxed, cropped fit.

And they’re available for $633 at Blue Owl.