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Tony Shirtmakers Uses These Camp Collar Shirts as a Canvas

I want one of these Hand Painted Camp Collar Shirts from Tony Shirtmakers so bad. I don’t care that they cost enough to make me lie about the price just to avoid scorn and embarrassment, nor do I care that it’s still cold enough out to wear a sleeping bag in public. I want one. 

These short-sleeved shirts are made in Brooklyn from all-linen fabrics that have been painted over by hand, resulting in some the wabi-sabi-est of plaids and stripes, and they feature a camp collar, mother of pearl buttons, a patch pocket that’s literally sewn by hand at the chest, a flat hem and a proper relaxed fit.

I don’t know about the consistency between pieces, but I do know that my grandfather would’ve lost his mind—on the inside, he didn’t do those things on the outside, but he also fought in a war and had me as a grandchild—over the plaid one, which is basically the highest honor I could bestow upon a garment. (The blue one would probably have made him happy too, for the record.)

Available for $325 at No Man Walks Alone.