The Flat Head Brings Every Color to the Prepack Tee Fight

When the t-shirt was invented in 2022 by FX’s The Bear, the world saw the garment’s potential in just about any arena. And thanks to the passion of the world’s leading heritage brands, we were treated to many iterations of the “t-shirt” opening up rabbit holes of possibilities around ‘construction’ and ‘shrinkage’ amongst many other search terms and forum posts.

In the game for a long time, legendary Japanese firm The Flat Head is throwing its tee into the ring this spring/summer to show the competition how it’s done. Made from loopwheeled US cotton, not only is comfort covered, but you are also getting treated to a historically produced fabric woven slowly on rare vintage knitting machines.

Featuring a triple-stitched reinforced collar, and woven sleeve branding, the shape of the t-shirt will be preserved along with the reminder of who’s responsible. Coming in a variety of colors to match any look, get yours now before they’re gone like Carmy‘s accurately described denim collection.

Available for $86 from Redcast Heritage