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Pherrow’s Marinates Their Marinière in Indigo

Boatneck’s aren’t for everyone. Next time you’re thinking about buying a boatneck anything, maybe ask if it’s for you. Look, I have no idea, you could be Picasso, but just consider that maybe you’re not the next time you’re in the market for some Breton Stripes. A better idea, though, is to just go with one of these Pherrow’s 19S-Cedric Breton Tops, which pack in all that maritime charm without the risk of turning a neck into an impressionist painting. 

Coming in two variations—a white-blue and a blue-white, for those into options but only nuanced ones—these aren’t your usual marinières. Those blue stripes are given the indigo dip, so you can cosplay Picasso and fade while you do it. These rope-dyed, 100% cotton, long-sleeved tops are inspired by nineteenth-century French designs, are made in Japan and they feature a crew neckline, a branded emblem at the sleeve and a straight hem.

So, you could be Christoph Waltz too, but you also could not be Christoph Waltz. 

Available for £119 (~$160USD) at Clutch Cafe.