Kapital Preps Their Denim Kimono for Fishing

To understand Kapital’s latest, you must first train your mind’s eye on the film The Big Lebwoski. If you were to take The Dude’s lazy house robe, which he wouldn’t let get between him and a trip to the corner store, and merge it with Walter Sobchak’s pocket-laden military vest, handy for packing heat at the bowling alley (the rules must be upheld), you’d find yourself just one lane over from their 8oz. Denim Fishing Kimono Shirt.

Balancing equal measures of tackle, technical gear, and traditional wear, the Japanese-made top features a plethora of functional pouch pockets in various shades of indigo at the front and two more tonal pouch pockets at the rear shoulders. Interesting choice. The piece is reinforced with internal chambray paneling, to ensure you get many, many chances to fade while you fish, and the front of the lightweight jacket relies on a single tie closure. But like, only if that’s your preference, man.

Those that abide can have it for $750CAD (~$560USD) at Haven.