Soulive Sources Indigo-Dyed Quilts from India for These Trousers

I have not and will not be confirming this, but I’m pretty sure that you get to pick a song that plays in your general vicinity whenever you wear these India Quilt Trousers from Soulive, because these trousers are basically what would happen if John Hughes made an ‘80s montage of indigo-dyed Indian Kantha quilts but that montage was also pants and those pants were also perfect for summer.

Made in Japan from the aforementioned 100% cotton, indigo-dyed quilts and stitched together using traditional patchwork techniques, they feature a button fly with a clasp closure, slant pockets at the front, welt pockets at the back and a breezy, cropped fit. 

(Also, you don’t get to pick a song. The song that plays is Men Without Hats’ Pop Goes the World and only Men Without Hats’ Pop Goes the World, so do with that very made up information what you will.)

Available for $495 at Blue Owl.