Freenote Took Nearly a Decade to Perfect Their T-Shirts


There isn’t much that’s more versatile, utilitarian, and downright comfortable as a nice vintage tee, and as it’s the first layer that gets put on when getting dressed. One could argue it’s the most crucial. Knowing the tortoise beats the hare, Freenote Cloth took their precious time to bring a very precious tee to market, and that tee is finally here.

Steering towards a decidedly vintage style as its name suggests, the Vintage Wash Pocket T-Shirt is a heavyweight tee made with a 13oz. cotton that features a special open-ended fiber which provides a drier, archival look that stands out from from the standard multi-pack tees. The made-in-USA tees were developed with a local knitting factory to have limited seams for the right amount of stretch and movement, and cut into what Freenote considers the perfect fit: not too slim, not too boxy, with the right amount of shape from the chest down.

Freenote spent close to a decade seeking out and collecting the perfect shades to their favorite colors for their own internal color palette to work from and use as inspiration, and the range of tones you see here is the result from their pursuit of tonal perfection. Each shirt has been pigment-dyed for a more broken-in look that’s less saturated, and each color is custom and unique to Freenote. After all this R&D, Freenote has crafted a group of well-appointed, vintage-styled tees that let you go bat 1000 in every category.

Available $75 at Freenote.