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The UES Denim Marathon Has Begun


Start stretching and get your gear ready, it’s time for the third UES Denim Marathon. That’s right, a denim marathon. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Running in denim? You must be nuts!’. You’d be right. That would be nuts. And you’d probably get some weird looks from passers-by. So fear not—no actually running is involved in this selvedge sprint (although running in your denim might achieve some killer fades). 

The event is all about showcasing the character and evolution of your UES denim alongside fellow marathon runners. The competition will run from August 10th to October 31st, 2019 and customers who have purchased the UES 400 Series denim pants during this time will be eligible to enter. You’ll also need to remember to let UES know that you’re taking part in the marathon so that the date of purchase can be branded on the leather back patch.


As you might have guessed, the platform for this unconventional athletic event will be Instagram (you can check out the posts of other Denim Marathon runners fades using the Instagram hashtag, #uesdenimstart2019) and UES will post a fresh topic on the 1st of every month which you’ll need to follow. This could be #uescoinpocket for example, where contestants would need to follow up with a picture of the coin pocket fades on their UES denim.

The marathon will last for one year and if you stay the course for 10 months of the year, you will be awarded a novelty t-shirt to acknowledge your accomplishments. And of course, there’s no achievement quite like #denimfades, so start training and get ready to run. 



On your mark. Get set. Go! For more information, head to the UES website.

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