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Kapital’s F/W 2019 Lookbook Proves They’re Still Krazy

If you’re having a tough time piecing together what you see in the newest from Eric Kvatek and Kiro Hirata’s Kapital lookbook, you’re not alone. But just hang on and we’ll figure this all out together.

If you’re not familiar with Kapital, they’re a denim brand, an enigma, and, if you’ve been into indigo for long enough, a dark joke of Americana that you just can’t get enough of. They’re also a brand with a knack for distressing their pieces in a super-authentic way, so it’s sometimes tough to look at the lookbook and be sure if all the pieces are new and for sale, or maybe dredged up from some heap in a vintage warehouse. That is to say, it all looks very at home worn out on the range.

Set in some middle America nowhere (and Mount Rushmore), Kapital shows off their new goods, many of which come in a bandana paisley. Oversized, puffy bandana vests are omnipresent, as are bold patchwork and tie dye pants. The Wild West is complemented by a collegiate sub-theme, complete with cheer uniforms and letterman jackets, which is in turn complemented by an Air Force motif. The olive drab pieces in the militaria part are some of the most compelling, one slouchy M-65/cardigan fusion piece is especially interesting, with contrasting materials in various panels and woolen sleeves.

Eclectic as ever, the new season of Kapital will hit all the bases:  the West, 1950s college sports, and 1960s military vintage. Many are shot faraway style with all the pieces layered densely, so it won’t be until we can get our greedy hands on the collection that we’ll be able to pore over every detail. But one thing you can bank on: they’re bound to be good.