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Stevenson Overall Co. Fires Up a Charcoal Corduroy Western Shirt

When I was in college in Salt Lake City, UT, there was a cowboy bar that sold $2 well drinks and had a patron-controlled mechanical bull* and Dr. Moreau animal heads on the walls** and a functioning cigarette vending machine and an aging DJ that inexplicably played late-‘90s R&B and hip-hop only.

It was a great bar, but an exceedingly weird one; a classic, but one built on transgressions—smoking indoors was encouraged, for instance—and contradictions. Anyways, it was a great time and this was a (very) long way of saying that this particular Stevenson Overall Cody Shirt is that bar but a shirt, which means it’s also a great time. 

Also, this shirt would’ve played very well there because Utah winters and themes. 

(*Yes, we controlled the hulking mass of suspension and pleather using a joystick that probably needed replacement in 1991. Was it a problem? An enormous one, but anyone who went could say that they once controlled a mechanical bull and that’s what mattered.)

(**Shoutout all their mounted jackalope, which I assume is the plural form of jackalope. The bar wasn’t the Jackalope Bar, however. That was a different bar.)

If I lost you, apologies because this shirt is a hitter. Like sure, it’s a classic Western style joint with yokes at the shoulders and also elsewhere and pearl snap buttons all over and patch pockets at the chest, but it’s also made in Japan from a velvety cotton-blend corduroy fabric that’s been dyed a shade of charcoal that I mostly just want plugged into my veins. 

And it’s available for $325 at Clutch Cafe.