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Poten Pitches a Ventile Baseball Cap

Poten Pitches a Ventile Baseball Cap


A baseball cap is a wondrous thing. I always have one on me: in my car or in my bag. I throw one on in the morning to mold my hair in place and I throw it back on later in the day if said hair gets wonky. If you’re hat-dependent like me, you should probably upgrade to something that will last longer and look better as it ages.

Japan’s Poten is a good place to start, especially its new ventile caps. Ventile is a tightly woven cotton without any extra coatings or treatments that is naturally waterproof, so you’ll be good to go, even if the elements turn on you.

The ‘army green’ fabric Poten uses varies slightly from panel to panel, giving the cap a subtle contrasting pattern. As with all of these expertly-made hats, this cap features a leather sweatband:  a nod to vintage baseball uniform design. Add a cotton/poly blend bill and you have a cap that will outlast any other hats in your rotation.

Available for $95 at Self Edge