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Summerweight Selvedge (2020 Edition) – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

We all want to continue fading as the summer months get hotter, but much of the time our currents pairs are just too thick for this time of year. Luckily for us there are a large number of lightweight raws, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best options out there.

At 11 oz. or less, all these jeans are going to be suitable for even the hottest days (just don’t blame us if they end up becoming your new daily pair regardless of the weather).

1) Unbranded: 11oz. Solid Black Stretch Selvedge

Summerweight-Selvedge-(2020-Edition)---Five-Plus-One 1) Unbranded: 11Oz. Solid Black Stretch Selvedge

Unbranded has introduced many of us to the world of raw denim, and now they’re doing their best to get us all in lightweight selvedge. Their 11oz. Solid Black Stretch Selvedge are thin enough to be worn throughout the summer while having the additional comfort and durability of a small percentage of synthetic material. They have all the same features we’ve come to expect from Unbranded: blank patch, black hardware for this colorway, and Union Special chain stitching, all at an affordable price.

Available for $110 from Unbranded.

2) Gustin: #230 Cone Superlight


Gustin is arguably the most well known of the crowdfunded raw denim brands, which allows them to keep their jeans priced very competitively. Their #230 Cone Superlight is made from an 10oz. denim sourced from Cone Mills, and is made with a 2×1 weave rather than the more common 3×1 weave (as is explained in more depth in our Know Your Twills article). As is the case with all of Gustin’s crowdfunding campaigns, these jeans are available in a range of fits and come with their branded hardware, patch, and quality construction.

Available for $75 from Gustin.

3) Japan Blue: US Sourced Navy Selvedge


If you are looking for a more premium, lightweight selvedge experience then Japan Blue’s US Sourced Navy Selvedge jeans might be right up your alley. They are made from a 10oz. Japanese denim woven from Memphis cotton, and feature a unique, steely-blue hue that differentiates them from most every other pair on the market. With Japan Blue’s top notch construction, materials, and patterns, these are certainly jeans you won’t find yourself wanting to take out of your rotation even after the cools down a bit.

Available for $225 from Blue Owl.

4) Momotoro: 1201SP Going To Battle


For many people Momotaro represents the very best of the denim world, and with their 1201SP Going To Battle jeans you get all of Momo’s quality and style in a much lighter than usual package. Made from 10oz. Zimbabwe cotton denim, these slim straight jeans are perfect for warm weather both because of their lightweight material and the slight bagginess of the fit.

Available for $151 from Denimio.

5) Comoditi: B0919 Black


Comoditi might not be a household name even in the raw denim community, but if there is one thing this Australian brand knows it’s how to make jeans for hot weather. Their B0919 Black jeans are feather light at 10oz. and have 2% stretch for additional comfortable and durability, with unbranded rivets, a small leather patch, a hint of selvedge on the coin pocket, and a YKK zipper over the more popular button fly. While this last feature might seem an odd choice, given the stretch and lightweight nature of the fabric it seems like the right choice.

Available for $165AUD from Comoditi.

Plus One – Naked and Famous: All Conditions Selvedge


If you are anything like me you appreciate both raw denim and techwear, and now you don’t have to choose between the two even on the hottest of days. Naked & Famous’ All Conditions Selvedge are made from a 56%/25%/19% cotton/PE/Dyneema fabric blend, which results in about as durable a 10oz. fabric as possible. Each pair is finished with a rubber patch, a very unusual sight to see, and the great details, hardware, and construction we’ve come to know and love from N&F.

Available for $176 from Tate and Yoko.

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