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Cableami Sews Up Drawcord Bucket Hats in Japanese 5-Wale Corduroy

If you want to protest the end of summer with your headwear without sticking out like a sore pumpkin latte, the Cableami Metro with Drawcord and 5 Wale Corduroy in Olive, Brown, and Navy is a perfect rebellion, you crazy kid.

This 6-panel bucket hat has an adjustable drawcord with toggle and features a cotton headband ensuring your head is warm, protected, and comfortable. These made in Japan hats were designed to effortlessly blend into your cold-weather wardrobe, keeping their colors mellow which allow the fabric to take center stage. I can foresee one of these dressing down an otherwise serious overcoat or giving a streetwear edge to tons of cozy layers.

And if you just can’t wait and want to rock it with a tee and shorts, I won’t tell anyone either. But you owe me.

Available for £105 (~$135 USD) at Kafka Mercantile