Pigeon Tree Crafting Kicks Off 2021 With Its fourth Santalum Collaboration Boot

Indonesian denim has firmly cemented itself in the selvedge scene and we’ve seen brands like Oldblue Co., Sage, and The Worker Shield all emerge in fine style. Handcrafted boots, however, are proving to be more of a slow burner for Southeast Asia. Looking to change that is Santalum, a Java-based bootmaker with an eye for heritage detail and high-quality construction.

To mark its fourth collaboration with California’s Pigeon Tree Crafting, Santalum has developed its own in-house hand-marbled leather that is, well, just stunning. They’ve taken local vegetable-tanned leather, marbled it with green dye, and finished it off with a hand-glaze that leaves these Service boots with a lustrous, shell-like sheen. If you’ve been looking for a patina project for 2021—this is it.

Featuring a brogued toe cap, this collaborative boot is built with a 270-degree storm welt and sits upon a Dr. Sole sole with a stacked heel. Balancing sturdy, ornate, and innovative, these service boots are exactly what you want out of a collaboration – especially one between two makers separated by 8000 miles of ocean.

Available to pre-order from Pigeon Tree Crafting for $495