Slice Through Layering Season With Samurai’s Shuriken-Laden Shirt

During the summers I want to dress like a cowboy, but when winter comes, I suddenly start dressing like a college professor. I hang up my denim jackets in favor of corduroy blazers and sweaters.

If you’re on my wavelength this season, you may be interested in a solid button-down shirt that wears in well, but still has that preppy Ivy look. Samurai‘s SJBD19-L01 ‘throwing star’ button-down shirt might satisfy that craving! Made in Japan, suitably professorial, but with  Japanese flare in form of the jacquard woven 100% cotton cloth that features a unique pattern reminiscent of shuriken throwing stars, this seems like a great piece to wear as a statement, or have popping out of a knit/ jacket for some added texture.

Available for ~$195 at Denimio