Left Field Whips Up Its Coal Miner Chino Using Repro Corduroy Based on N-1 Deck Jackets

Complete your ’40s USN ensemble with Left Field‘s Coal Miner Chino in Olive N1 Deck Cord fabric — AKA whipcord –AKA what the US military used on N-1 deck jackets. These aren’t your average ’40s chinos. No, sir. They’re cut in Left Field’s Coal Miner fit—a relaxed taper will allow the chino to slot into your contemporary civilisanwardro0be.  And you can wear these any time of the year, unlike a sweltering deck jacket you can only wear when it’s actually cold.

Made in USA from 100% cotton 15 oz. Japanese-milled military-repro cord, each pair of these chinos comes with all the details we expect from Christian McCann’s brand. They’re fitted with custom distressed metal buttons, button-closing welted back pockets, slash pockets on the side seams, felled inseams, and spruced up with indigo ticking stripe fabric on the pocket bags.

Available for $231 at North American Quality Purveyors