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Fade Friday – Pure Blue Japan X011 (9 Years, 3 Washes, 2 Soaks)

9 years into his Pure Blue Japan Jeans and Anders over in Sweden has just about maxed out the fade-o-meter. Whether it’s going for walks or riding his bike or board — he’s been a man on the move –and his jeans have been along for the ride every step of the way, soaking up lots of wear. With the help of 5 combined washed and soaks, the results are fossilized high contrast fades buried underneath a layer of washed-out grainy-vintage-lookin’ goodness.

The whiskers stack endlessly from just under the waistband all the way to the knees.  Rumor has it they’re still going to this day, expanding in both directions. In a rarely noted indicator of super well fade jeans, the shin/calves down on these are more faded than the thighs of some jeans we see—how about that!

The root-like honeycombs are perfectly stacked, layered, and cavernous -just how we like ’em. The downside is they might trigger your Trypophobia, something you may not know you had until looking up that word. Sorrynotsorry.