Get Your Guayabera On With Soundman’s Havana Shirt

Ah yes, the shirts of summer. Forced to retire our prized jeans and long pants, we must resort to a new array of cool, breezy shirts to showcase our good taste. But in a closet full of aloha shirts and various camp collar pieces, variety is much needed.

This variety can be found in the classic Guayabera shirt, a Cuban wardrobe staple with intricate pleats and four pockets.  Japanese brand, Soundman, has released a version of what they call their Havana shirt, made from the finely-woven, dense poplin known as typewriter cloth. Available in both brick and navy, this is a shirt that ought to help you channel your late-in-life Hemingway vibes. (Hopefully in a good way.)

Entirely made in Japan and featuring all the traditional Guayabera details, this is pure Cuban vibes but designed and sewn with the Japanese mastery we love to see.

Available for $330 at Clutch Cafe