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Pack Your Whole Life Into Ichi Antiquites’ Selvedge Linen Big Bag

I run hot, which is more of an issue now that our climate has just straight up changed (past tense). Like, I was at a Yankees game a few weeks ago and had an ever-expanding puddle below my seat by the 4th inning. During the 7th, and this isn’t remotely hyperbole, I rang out my shirt like it was a shammy. Anyways, I also carry a tote pretty frequently, and while many companies have considered many things in regards to tote design, they tend to come in materials that prioritize durability first, breathability second – which is kinda annoying considering those things are stuck by your side for hours at a time some days. But Ichi Antiquites decided to do both with their (huge) Selvedge Linen Big Bag, and we all (i.e. me) should be thankful for it.

Made in Japan with a super durable, undyed 100% linen selvedge fabric and inspired by the mad functional French post office bags from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries — right down to the French seams at the interior—this large (23.75” x 18”) tote has two straps, a small patch pocket at the interior and a gusseted bottom.

And if you’re like “$170 isn’t cheap for a tote bag,” you are very right and I really don’t have anything to offer as a rebuttal, but it’s also undyed selvedge and will look absolutely incredible in like five years after life has done some work on it.

Available for $170 from Namu Shop

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