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Lock In With The American Trench Supima Interlock T-Shirt

At a time of the year when shopping for more exciting pieces (flannels, jackets, etc.) seems a little presumptuous due to heat, we have to channel our energies elsewhere. Maybe it’s finally time to toss those ratty old tees from before you read Heddels and upgrade to some t-shirts we can endorse.

American Trench has some extra soft and beefy tees with their new Supima Interlock Tee. Their interlock method creates a fabric that is denser, softer, and higher-quality than typical jersey and the Supima cotton guarantees a comfortable feel. Cut, sewn, dyed, and washed all in Los Angeles and made from genuine American Supima cotton. The heavier fabric is complemented by a fuller fit and the tees are available in a slew of rich, interesting colors, all of which will scratch your shopping itch and remain in your rotation well into Fall.

Available for $60 at American Trench ($51 for Heddels Plus Type 2 members)

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