Dehen’s Knit Club Jacket is the Worst(ed)

Dehen 1920 stays making some of the most killer varsity jackets out there with the Knit Club Jacket in Smoke. Dehen debuted their first varsity jacket in 1951, a lifetime ago, yet their iconic design remains – need I say more? These timeless jackets are built using the same meticulous, quality standard of construction, and even the fabric is from days gone. Knit on a vintage knitting machine, this 100% worsted wool knit fabric has all the texture you need, and none of the itchiness you don’t. Have you ever seen a ‘smoke’ hued worsted wool like this? It’s hypnotizing.

Featuring 2×2 wool knit ribbed cuffs, roll collar, and hem, the Knit Club Jacket features black snaps, black knit details throughout, an all-satin liner for ease in slipping the jacket on and off, welted pockets at the front, and a dreamy vintage style fit that none of the other modern jackets in your closet can even approach. Throw this thing on with a white tee, high-waisted jeans, and fuggetaboutit. Made in Portland, Oregon.

Available for $525 from Brooklyn Clothing Co.

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