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Lightning Magazine Marks 25 Years in Print With an Ace Schott Perfecto

So I’ll probably never have a Ferrari, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what’s going on there. The same principle applies to a Schott Perfecto. They’re magnificent, but they’re also very much not My Thing*. That being said, this One Star reproduction done for Lightning Magazine is particularly magnificent.

(*It’s worth noting that My Thing sometimes includes a disproportionate amount of corduroy, so know that neutrality is out the window.)

Modeled from an archived ‘70s “One Star” design that was found in the archives, this one features more period-accurate details than I care to get into. That is my job though, so… it’s got “unusual” gold zippers, slash pockets all over, a belted waist, a coin pocket, zippers at the cuffs, a Lightning Magazine pin and a stars-and-stripes neck label for good measure. (There are more, but we all have things to do.) Also, there’s a giant hand-painted Ace of Spades at the back, which is important.

Made in the USA to honor the publication’s 25th anniversary, this specific Perfecto is whatever statement pieces presumably aspire to be. 

Available for $1,100 at Clutch Cafe.

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