Far Afield Renders A Relaxed Popover In Eye-Catching Loganberry Corduroy

Popovers are tough to execute properly. I almost never like short sleeve popovers, but this — a long-sleeve popover in a vibrant color and texture –might be enough to convince me that they can be done right.

Far Afield has been doing some great work lately and their upcoming Fall/Winter pieces are getting me excited for the seasons to change. This thin wale corduroy has been dyed a bright loganberry purple. Already broken-in, this four-button popover will drape nicely and make for a fun layering piece. Whether worn as an outer layer over a t-shirt, or under a v-neck sweater, you can’t really go wrong with this bad boy. Ethically made in Sri Lanka, this is an excellent way to diversify your color palette for the coming months.

Available for $125 at Vestis