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Hatchet Supply Co. Stocks Up On Porter Tanker Wallets

If you don’t understand the fascination with Porter Yoshida and Co. I feel bad for you, son. The world-renowned accessories brand has been putting out nearly indestructible goods, like the Tanker Wallet, for over 85 years in Japan. Their consistency and recognition alone makes them worth the price tag, not to mention all the neat-o details that I’m about to list below. But those details are indeed important.

The Tanker Wallet is cut from proprietary synthetic materials but this ain’t the cheap stuff that you’ll find in the middle of the mall, this is essentially mil-spec fabric. Ask anyone who’s had one of these bad boys and they’ll likely produce one they’ve been rocking for years that’s looking all the better for it.

The Tanker includes a shit-ton of pockets (I count 9 card slots including some hidden), a roomy zippered bill compartment that’s guaranteed to fit oversized bills (and your vax card), an exterior zip compartment for all those coins you don’t seem to know what to do with, velcro closure, and a keyring to attach your keys or a chain.

Available for $180 ($153 for Heddels Plus Type 2 members) at Hatchet Outdoor Supply Co.