Carve Up Elm Street In The Flat Head’s 7 Oz. L/S Border Tees

There are a few very notable striped shirts in cinema history. The first that comes to mind is the great Freddy Krueger, but another great example is the one worn by Lee Marvin’s character in The Wild One. All that is to say that a striped shirt is more than just a nautical jaunty top, it can also be a supernatural slasher or boozehound biker’s shirt of choice.

The Flat Head was probably more influenced by the latter than the former, but when you have that 7 0z. loopwheeled fabric on, it won’t matter who it’s based on. Their beefy long-sleeved border shirts are going to make for an excellent base layer, one that adds a much-needed pop of color and texture to any outfit. Slim fit, once washed, and made in Japan by one of the best brands to ever do it, you should definitely get while the getting is good.

Available from Corlection for ~$146USD