Good Art HLYWD’s Baby Barrell Is Inspired By Root Beer Candy

Inspired by Root Beer Barrel candy, the Good Art HLYWD Baby Barrel in Sterling Silver is the way to show off your sweet tooth to the world, or, I don’t know… to just show off an end-tier pendant? We’re thinking it’s the latter for most of us, but you can still rep Root Beer by rocking this baby, no one will be any the wiser.

Good Art is designing and manufacturing some of the nicest metal jewelry on the planet. Everything is done in-house in L.A., from the design by Josh Warner, to metal pouring, manufacturing — and Root Beer Barrel candy sampling  — they do it all. Good Art wants you to wear their jewelry forever. Most everything is done up in made-to-last-while-aging-beautifully .925 sterling silver, and this Baby Barrel is no exception.

Available for $333 at Iron Heart International