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Kapital Keeps The Flare Train Rolling With Its 14 Oz. Denim 5P RAT Flare Pants

The 70s was an eclectic era known for a bunch of quirky bits and pieces from the more nostalgia-inducing pastimes, like roller discos and road trips, through to the oddities that should quite frankly stay there. Vinyl jumpsuits and bowl cuts immediately come to mind, but I’m sure there’s plenty more. 

But, despite its misses, the 70s had a bunch of hits, too. And no, I’m not talking about Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees, I’m thinking double denim, wide-collar shirts, and perhaps most famously, flared jeans. I’m going to level with you: flared jeans can and have gone terribly wrong before. I’ve seen pictures of my father from the 70s and I shudder just thinking about it. However, if it’s going to come back, who else to do it other than fashion-forward, Japanese heavyweight Kapital

Its new 5P RAT Flare Pant is cut from a mid-weight 14oz denim, washed once to minimize shrinkage on the darker pair, and washed out for a vintage look on the lighter pair. Now, the fit is interesting. When I think flares, I think hella wide bell-bottom-esque monstrosities. However, Kapital’s father and son team Toshikiyo and Kazhuiro Hirata have taken a more subtle approach, easing you into the style with a slight flare, making these pants an easier wear if you’re feeling groovy. 

Built with Kapital’s trademark playfulness, combined with the seriousness of a brand born in the denim capital of the world, Okayama, these pants will have you struttin’ your stuff down the street faster than you can say ‘Stayin’ Alive’. 

Available for $287 from Blue in Green

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