Fade Friday – Momotaro 0306SP (5 Years, 6 Washes)

This pair of Momoraro 0306SP is a highlight from the “Rate My Fades” channel. Heddels+ user @averageastronaut has produced some denim evolution that are way above average, wearing this pair of Momos for half a decade.

Seeing them trough some ups and downs, @averageastronaut says that these jeans were one of the only constants in their life through a turbulent five years. And altough they’re now retired due to a style change to wider-fitting denim, we’re sure they will be proud of the fades and patina achieved on this pair of 0306SP.

The general dye loss, whiskers, and honeycombs — all of which are pretty much entry requirements to Fade Friday at this point — are great, but it’s the damage, repairs, and overall patina to this pair that sets them apart. Thy’ve got that real “lived in” look that so many denim head seek, eptomized by heavy sashiko repairs the chipped ‘battle stripes’ on the rear pocket that symbolise the battles faced by @averageastronaut through the years of wear.