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Fade Friday – Rogue Territory Stanton LHT (4 Years, 4 Washes, 2 Soaks)

Man, it’s been a while since we’ve had a pair of jeans as shredded as these Rogue Territory Stantons hit our fades inbox. This pair of Left Hand Twill edition Stantons belongs to our guy Sean over in Michigan, who has worn ’em for almost half a decade, leaving just shreds of their original indigo dye left and a bunch of battle scars that any denim head would be proud of.

Sean tells us he’s worn these “24/7” for 2 years of their lifespan, with the wear assumingly slowing down when the denim started blowing out in all sorts of places. Whether this leaves you with concerns over the integrity of the RGT Stanton or not, it doesn’t really matter, ‘cos this is the kind of denim evolution that gets indigo-lovers goin’. Swiss Jeans Freak could hold a Ted Talk on these things, I’m sure.

Aside from the significant dye loss, overall sandblast-level fading, start whiskers, and shimmering stack fades near the hem, it’s the shotgun-spray damage on these RGTs that sets catapults them into the upper echelon of fade glory. Seriously, there are little holes and darning all over the place, with the obvious suspects appearing in the lap and hems, both of which have been darned heavenly by Mildblend. My personal favorite, though? The hole where the second-to-top button has decided to bust through the fly, a feature echoed by that button’s little brothers also trying their best to grind their way through below.

I’m sure these must be nearing retirement, but here’s to hoping Sean rocks these until they’re threadbare. He could consider some comprehensive sashiko reinforcements to immortalize them, but i’ll leave that down to him.

You can catch up with Sean on Instagram @bobothebobo101816

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