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The Heddels Sweater Guide 2022

Eternally stylish and functional, the knit sweater remains a vital part of many of our wardrobes, but it’s not always easy to find some that suit your needs. Thankfully, sweaters are incredibly versatile, so it never hurts to have more than one on hand. You can wear them dressed up with trousers and oxfords, or throw one on with your more casual wear.

There’s something anyone can enjoy from a knitted sweater. They come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and prices. For that reason, they make for an incredible staple in the closet, one you won’t regret putting on with faded jeans and some comfy shoes. They’re a bit of a hack in looking put together whilst remaining cozy, and that is priceless if you work from home and need to take online calls, or if you simply need to be smart casual on a daily basis.

So, if you’re looking for some quality knits, we’re diving deep with this guide to buying various types of sweaters in 2022. When we say sweaters, we’re looking at all types of sweaters. Cardigans, crewnecks, turtlenecks, and even cotton sweaters for those who don’t want to invest in wool for fiscal or ethical reasons,

We’re hoping this list arrived right on time for your winter climate needs, but there are loads here that you can wear through spring and on summer evenings, and even some that can be had for under $150.

A Word on The Shaggy Dog

The classic Shaggy Dog sweater is an essential part of the iconic Ivy style. And as a result of its incredible versatility, its now an essential part of contemporary style. We’ve seen the rise and fall in Ivy’s popularity over the years, but many of its timeless staples like oxford shirts and the Shaggy Dog never die, with the latter in particular having a bit of a moment in 2022.


J. Press Shaggy Dog Sweater via J.Press

Comfortable, relaxed, and with a slight mock crew neck proved suitable for unknowingly stylish students at ivy schools and other campuses who wanted effortlessly sophisticated yet rugged looks. During the height of Ivy style, retailers were selling out of the classic style designed by J. Press, and the world of vintage fashion reproductions has taken note. And, in line with the modern Ivy boom of the last 10 years, this classic style has been reproduced by brands that you know and love like Drakes, Howlin’, Lost & Found, Malloch’s, Beams+, Calculus, and many more.


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