Fade Friday – Left Field NYC Greaser (~5 Years, Unknown Washes)

Ryan in Clevland is reminding us that there is more to life than just blue jeans. In fact, black denim — although often slept on — offers up a whole world of color that indigo could never.

Ryan’s Left Field NYC Greaser Cut Black Marias are made from 15 oz. Xinjiang cotton black selvedge denim, and they’ve been going strong since 2018 with the greatest amount of action happening throughout those first 3 years when Ryan was at school. After enduring gigs, classes, and everything else life threw at them, there came a point when too many holes meant they were no longer suitable for work or daily wear.

On the plus side, this level of broken in-ness meant that the left-hand twill had gotten so soft, they felt like pajamas. After a dedicated regiment of regular washes, our guy wanted to see a few more shades of gray and experimented with a little bleach in the wash. The results were steamier than the book I’m subtly referencing (I’m sure the comments accusing Ryan of being a denim cheat will be even steamier) with an epic array of light hues giving the jeans a smokey pop with creases rising from the denim like steam from a sewer vent.

As these Ryans black beauties approach a point of becoming more patches than original fabric, something tells me they are never going to fully leave the rotation.