Gitman Vintage Looks to Baja Blanket for Its Latest Camp Collar Shirt

Any fan of Gitman Vintage knows the thrill of new and exciting fabrics coming out each season, blended with the assurance that the same cuts and fits will return with the consistency of a rising tide. At the same time, those adoring followers will share the disappointment felt when those seasonal fabrics inevitably sell out, never to be seen again, like a bird slipped from the hand. One of the highlights of the new SS24 collection is the Baja Blanket Camp Collar Shirt. The 100% cotton fabric pays homage to the blanket hoodies of Southern California surf culture, which were in-turn adapted from traditional Mexican ponchos picked up in the Baja peninsula. Or, so the legend goes. 

It comes in the American shirtmaker’s camp collar design, with a perfectly squared off shoulder, barrel sleeve, and straight body. Produced in Gitman’s Lafayette, TN factory, it has an open neck with a single loop button, were you so inclined to button it up. The 100% cotton 12 oz jacquard weave fabric has a hefty feel to it but the looser knit makes it very breathable. This vibrant pastel take is perfect for warm summer nights on the beach or sweltering rooftop parties, if you can’t get out of town. Word to the wise, snatch this beauty up while it lasts. Cause, just as Gitman giveth, Gitman taketh away. 

Available for $240 from Tendrel.