Sugar Cane Renders its Iconic 1947 Jean in New 14.25 oz. Black Selvedge Denim

Black denim has an attitude, and this 14.25 oz selvedge 1947 Jean from Sugar Cane is tough enough to back it up. The barrel legged straight fit was meticulously reproduced from post-war era denim that American GIs introduced to the Japanese market, hence the title of the “1947 model.” No detail was overlooked, including a rivet button fly – which was standard issue back then because all denim was shrink to fit, meaning that a zipper fly would be useless. As well as hidden rivets – which were originally designed not to scratch horse saddles when riding. 

One cool feature that comes about from the use of original iron buttons is the oxidation process that comes about with aging. Just as the denim will grow crispy fades (thanks to the denim’s natural cotton-colored weft) and the leather patch will develop a rich patina, the buttons will enhance in character in a completely unique way. Another detail that will emerge with time is the hidden black stitching. It is designed to blend in when you first wear the jeans, but as the denim fades, the cotton stitching will stay black and start to contrast. So dust off your black leather motorcycle jacket and take these bad boys for a spin.

Available for $165 from Hinoya.