Dehen 1920 & Division Road Release Carrier Jacket from 10 oz. Waxed Olive Army Duck

Wax-on, wax- actually once you throw on the Carrier Jacket from Dehen 1920, you’ll never want to take it off. Made from a 10 oz Martexin® Original Waxed Army Duck Canvas, this waxed cotton jacket supports the last producer of waxed canvas in the US  while equipping you with a timeless and forever functional piece of year-round outerwear.

Drawing inspiration from Naval and Air Force flight bombers from the 1940s, you can count on the deceptively simple design to ensure it has everything you or it needs and nothing more. And that includes the 2 larger-than-life patch pockets, military-grade two-way brass zipper, and knit worsted wool ribbing all made with Dehen’s own 1940s weaving machines – obviously. Oh did we mention it was waterproof? GORE-TEX who?

But as we all know, sometimes it’s what is on the inside that counts. And in the case of the Carrier Jacket, we’re talking about the luscious rayon satin lining that ensures no matter what the shell is facing, your arms are going to feel like butter in the best sense of that greasy analogy. Ready to tack on crease lines and patina every time you face the elements, you better act quick because this is a limited release and it isn’t going to carry the weight of your indecisiveness forever!

Available for $585 from Division Road Inc.