One Ear Brand Fugue Mojave Bandana Features Double Selvedge

Lend me your ear, the One Ear Brand Fugue Mojave Bandana just dropped, and it’s undeniably beautiful. If you’re the sentimental type, or even the heirloom-quality, BIFL type… a seriously nice bandana is something to consider. Especially when it’s 100% cotton, double selvedge, all milled in Japan.

The last bandana you might ever need, these antique reproduction style bandanas are suitable for more than just blowing your nose, but you know, the option is always there. Use one as a stylish accessory wrapped around your neck, wrist (hello Johnny Depp), face, head, or any other visible appendage that you want to elevate. Or, use it more creatively, and wrap a gift with it. There’s literally 101 uses for a bandana, and a high quality one isn’t exempt from any of them, even if you’re stuck in a middle-of-nowhere gas station bathroom…

Available for $78 from Clutch Cafe.