Gitman’s Shroom Shirt is for Fun Guys

The Gitman Vintage Viscose Shrooms Camp Shirt is for the fun guys. Even if mushrooms thrive on cool, dark places, there’s no doubt that a shroom-covered short-sleeved shirt is largely intended for leisure time in the sun. One must show their affinity for fungus!

The Camp Shirt features classic Gitman Vintage camp shirt details: Relaxed fit, spread loop collar, button front placket, chest pocket, and the trippiest vintage style mushroom print that looks like it was ripped straight from a science textbook from the 70s. All quality made by the shirting experts at Gitman.

What’s unique about this particular camp shirt, aside from it’s aforementioned psychedelic print, is that it’s made from 100% viscose fabric. Viscose is a cellulose-based fabric, AKA plant fibers, which make for a nice and breezy fabric that drapes as well as any of your old rayon shirts – without all the synthetics.

Available for $285 from Stag.