Respect Our Legacy’s Elder Short Sleeve Shirt

Respect your elders in the Our Legacy Elder Short Sleeve Shirt in Brown Sparse Panama. It’s short everything season – short sleeves, short pants, shortened work/school hours. Temps are rising, and it’s always good to have some smart-looking, vacation-friendly options in your arsenal. This is one of those, let me tell you. A brown garment is an underrated thing. They make outfits feel more natural, know what I mean?

This shirt is made in Portugal using a 100% cotton Italian ‘linen’, making it lightweight and breathable for those humid days you can’t avoid going out in. Dual hip pockets make the shirt more functional than most shirts in this category. Spread collar, tonal stitching, and mother of pearl button front placket round everything out — dare I say it —perfectly.

Available for $286 from Lost & Found.