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Raw Denim


What does Raw Denim mean?

Raw denim, also known as dry or unwashed denim, is denim that has not undergone any of the usual washing and distressing processes. It comes straight off the loom and is cut and sewn into jeans and then sold to you. It is stiff with a deep blue color and has a distinctive sheen. Raw denim allows the wearer to personalize the pants for his/her unique shape, with creases and fade marks forming to his/her body type.

Heddels explains Raw Denim

This is what we’re all about! Up until the early 1970s, all jeans were made of raw denim and it was up to the consumer to break them in. Many people would sit in a bathtub or go swimming in their jeans to shrink the pants to their body.

During the first few months of wear, it is recommended that you does not wash the denim in order to allow the creases and faded areas to fully develop. When you do finally wash your jeans, use cold water and a detergent specifically made for dark colors such as Woolite Black. Finally, hang the jeans up and allow to air dry. Some people prefer to speed along the aging process of their jeans and will starch them to achieve more prominent crease marks. Other people may soak their jeans and allow them to dry while wearing them. For more detailed information and other methods used to personalize jeans, there are many helpful guides about the care and washing of dry denim online.

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Here is an example of raw denim:

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