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Official LVC Website Updated With Perks

The internet has made our world a much smaller place (It’s a small world, after all…) by allowing lightning-fast access to information from around the globe. Indeed, without it you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Therefore, with the growing interest in raw denim and neo-vintage clothing, it only makes sense that Levi Strauss & Co. (the proprietors of LVC) would update their website and reassert themselves as the original jeans-maker.

Marketing giant Paul + Williams took on the task of revamping the official LVC website from the ground up, and the results are clean, informative and aesthetically appealing.

We’re particularly stoked on the 501-specific page with photos and details of each major iteration of the classic Levi’s 501 jean from 1890 through to the 1960’s. There is also information about the Shrink-To-Fit process, a full product list, interactive timeline, vintage photo gallery and a soon-to-be-released Japanese-language page.

Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

The Official Levi's 501 Story

The Official Levi’s 501 Story

Levi's Vintage Clothing Website

The site comes with tons of vintage photos

Levi's Vintage Clothing Website

There is also an interactive Levi’s timeline

Levi's Vintage Clothing Website

A sample of the product line-up

Stay Raw!

– Sean
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