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Three Ways To Wash Or Soak Your Raw Denim Without A Bathtub

When it comes to the classic approach of washing or soaking your raw denim, the process is pretty clearcut. Just mix dark care laundry detergent (or a speciality raw denim cleaning agent – such as the Sugar Cane Soap3×1 Denim Solution, or A.P.C. x Aesop Fine Fabric Care) with room temperature water in a bathtub, and lay your denim in the concoction for about 45 minutes. Easy enough, right?

Unfortunately, as simple as the procedure may be, the reality is that not all have access to one of the required elements – the ‘tub.

Thus, here are three ways to wash or soak your raw denim without a bathtub.

1. Using a Basin

2. Using a Pail or Bucket

3. In The Shower