Mr. Black Garment Essentials – Keeping Your Denim Clean and Fresh

One of the oldest debates among denim heads has always been the concept and technique of the wash. Or more specifically, when, how and if at all you should wash your jeans. There have been convincing arguments on the side of never washing your jeans though there is also plenty of weight behind the side arguing for the more frequent washing of jeans.

While this momentous decision is often up to the wearer, one common ground we can all reach is to use a sensible solution for keeping your jeans fresh and clean for as long as you can. This solution comes in two specially formulated options from the Australian company, Mr. Black.

The first of the two products being offered is Mr. Black’s Denim Wash. As the name entails, this is the stuff you want to use if and when you decide to wash your raw denim. The product is formulated so that your denim retains more of its original color and shading throughout each wash, all while minimizing shrinkage and any unpleasant garment stretching.

Mr. Black's Denim Wash

The second product offered up from Mr. Black is their Denim Refresh; ideal for those who are more reluctant about washing their jeans. In my personal opinion this may just beat out the traditional shake out and freezer methods for sprucing your jeans up.

The formula that is used in Denim Refresh is intended to prevent dirt, oils, and other undesirables from settling in to the fibers of the denim, thus reducing funky odors that sometimes spring up after prolonged wearing.

Mr Black Denim Refresh

Having launched just under a year ago in July 2012, Mr. Black is still a fairly new brand on the scene and yet to make a mark. After some investigation though, it seems they are beginning to gather momentum with their growing number of stockists. For a full re-cap of the company and their current offerings, watch the video below.