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Fade Friday – Nudie Thin Finn Dry Ecru Embo (2+ Years, 1 Wash, 2 Soaks)

For this week’s Fade Friday, we turn to our own reader and forum member, Dlaz, who has a pair of Nudie Thin Finn jeans that are showing some serious wear. Over the course of 2+ years, the jeans have been ripped and faded to a light blue color that can only be achieved with continuous wear over a long period of time.

Dlaz also took pictures every few months as well pre and post wash pictures to give a better idea of how the jeans age at various points in time. While they don’t show the high contrast wear marks that is prized by so many denim heads, the lighter and thin fabric on the jean softens up considerably and show some great whiskers and lines throughout.


  • Name: Nudie Thin Finn Dry Ecru Embo
  • Weight: 10.75 Oz.
  • Fit: Skinny
  • Denim: 98% cotton/2% lycra denim from Turkey
  • Length of wear: 2+ years
  • Number of washes: 1
  • Number of soaks: 1 cold soak, 1 beach soak.
  • Available at: Nudie for $179.00

Photos – Before

Nudie Thin Finn Dry Ecru Embo

Photos – After (8 Months)

Photos – After (18 Months)

Photos – After (2 Years)