Fade Friday – 3sixteen SL-120x (10 Months, 6 Washes)

Fade Friday – 3sixteen SL-120x (10 Months, 6 Washes)

Before. Images via Self Edge.

Fade Friday – 3sixteen SL-120x (10 Months, 6 Washes)


It hasn’t been that long since we last featured a pair of 3sixteen Shadow Selvedge on Fade Friday, but we just couldn’t pass these up – if nothing else, they’re a great example of how different a fabric can fade depending on wearing and washing habits. Today’s pair comes from Reddit user ZVincler, whose well-documented SL-120x caused plenty of buzz over the past year or so.

Worn for ten months and washed six times, these jeans have seen a lot of action – about six months ago, ZVincler drove 3,000 miles across the US, and wore these jeans as he hiked through Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park in Utah. Although these jeans show some wear and tear – notably the back pocket holes caused by the wearer’s cell phone and wallet – the jeans have never needed a professional repair and have plenty of life left in them. It’s a testament to how much more mileage you can get out of a pair with more frequent washing.

Although sanforized fabrics, as a general rule, have a flatter appearance and less variable fading compared to uneven, unsanforized denim, this Shadow Selvedge fabric offers some impressive variation to the fading, which is particularly clear on ZVincler’s pair. This is even more noteworthy considering how soft and comfortable the fabric is, right from the start – it’s a great balance of comfort and texture, proving that you don’t necessarily need to choose one or the other. On top of that, the black weft adds some great detail to the evolution of the jeans – the holes, in particular, look distinct from other pairs due to the black, rather than white, threads.


  • Name: 3sixteen SL-120x 
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton Shadow Selvedge (Deep Indigo warp/Black weft)
  • Weight: 14.5 oz.
  • Fit: Slim Straight
  • Unique features:
    • Gunmetal rivets and buttons
    • Tanner Goods patch
    • Selvedge fly
    • Chainstitched hem
  • Available for $230 at Self Edge