Indigo Chore Coats – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Editor’s Note: We’ve put together many buying guides in the past, whether’s that’s jeans for summer or where to look on Etsy. That’s going to become a more regular feature with our new weekly installment of Five Plus One, which catalogs five great options under given category and one that’s a bit more “out there”. We hope you enjoy.

What constitutes a chore coat? There might not be a true definition, but I believe there are several fundamental characteristics shared by almost every chore coat. First, the the overall jacket length must be longer than a regular jacket. Second, the fabric must be durable. Finally, the front pockets must be square and angular.

Beyond that the sky is the limit, and a multitude of companies have produced chore coats extending from these rough guidelines in every imaginable direction.

1. Pointer Chore Coat Raw Cone White Oak Denim


If any company is known for its chore coats, it’s Pointer. This particular coat is produced using Cone Mills’ White Oak denim and contrasting white stitching, but Pointer offers chore coats in a wide range of fabrics and colors. Pointer may be on the introductory level, but their jackets are incredibly solid for the price. How can you turn down this American Classic?

Available for $90 from Pointer

2. Apolis Indigo Wool Chore Coat


Chore coats may traditionally be workwear, but this iteration from Apolis is quite a bit more formal due to its wool fabric, fly-front button cover, and pocket flaps. It may not be denim, but this jacket’s indigo-dyed wool has unique fading qualities all its own. With this jacket’s added sleekness and beautiful fabric, who says you can’t own multiple chore coats?

Available for $190 from Huckberry

3. Tellason 16.5Oz. Denim Coverall Jacket


Tellason has been producing quality American workwear for years, and their coverall jacket is no different. At 16.5oz. it is heavier than many of its competitors, and with its reinforcing rivets it is certainly sturdy in its construction. With its unique design features, such as a carpentry pencil pocket, this jacket can certainly be put to some real, hard use.

Available for $230 from Tellason

4. Ginew Heritage Coat


Ginew’s heritage coat is produced by L.C. King Mfg. Co., the same manufacturing company sews Pointer brand clothing, but its unique design extends far beyond that of Pointer’s traditional chore coat. From its Pendleton wool lining and custom copper buttons/rivets to the custom cedar box it arrives in, the Ginew heritage coat is a magnificent chore coat for those who want a timeless article of clothing with every imaginable accoutrement–and are willing to pay for it.

Available for $850 from Context Clothing (Condensed Orange, Coyote Butte Black).

5. Tender Co. Type 940 Fireman’s Jacket: Woad-Overdyed Canvas


Since its inception in 2009, Tender Co. has been consistently creating clothes inspired by early British workwear, and the Type 940 Fireman’s Jacket is no different. Although this Fireman’s Jacket may not be what comes to mind when picturing a chore coat, its silhouette and large, angular front pockets certainly share striking similarities to traditional chore coats. This jacket is dyed with indigo derived from the woad plant, which leaves garments with a lighter than normal hue than many other indigo dyes. This unique color allows it to be paired with denim without going complete Canadian tuxedo.

Available for £245 from Tender Stores

Plus One – Eternal Tri-Fabric Indigo Patchwork Coverall Jacket


Many associate workwear with high quality construction and clothing that meshes well stylistically without standing out. Eternal’s Patchwork Coverall Jacket certainly follows suit in terms of quality, but its style is anything but sedate. The coat is constructed with three different 10oz. denims, and although it would look great in a variety of workwear-inspired outfits it is certainly better suited toward an outerwear rotation rather than everyday wear. The jacket’s asymmetry continues beyond its multitude of fabrics, with unique pocket design and placement throughout the garment. With its high quality materials and Japanese triple-needle construction, this jacket is sure to be with you for many years to come.

Available for $295 at Blue Owl Workshop